Monday, January 3, 2011

NewYear with great start!!~~!!

Finally done with my hectic study styles and back 2 vacation!!
A lot of fun during the last month in the year
we put on a surprise birthday party on Chris
It's good that we made his day and shown our sincerity
We all had a nice night after all the effort on it

Chrismas' Eve is what i should celebrate greatly at my age
but i am not a Christian and hate to stand snobbishly in crowds
with lots of unknowingly passionate fella's shouting all around
so i go through it with my family in our nice and cozy home
i bet it's kinda great to go over it with family
at least u wont need to spend an extra cent on meaningless stuff

New year's eve is different for me!! This year's eve is best 4 me
coz i get to meet back most of my schoolmates and clubmates!!~~!!
and they lead me getting to know some new frens too
we celebrate new year eve together at JayaOne in PJ
although it just an insignificant event but it means much for me
it's long time ago we can gather round and chat so freely
most of them are students abroad so we had less chances to meet
thx for the invitation and i had a great night there...
although the waitress are quite annoying and delaying food serving

The next day which is the first day of year 2011
we had a In-house party to celebrate See kee's birthday
fun in preparing the mixers and stuffs just to satisfied our guest
there is the first time i get drunk and puke in the toilet
the after kick of mixing all alcoholic is truly deadly
especially its all pure and a few mouthful of it is disastrous!!
just sorry for those who kept the mess after my act
this is really the first time i get to know my limit
the most surprising is that they even pre-celebrate my bday also
i was really happy for that!!XD
its been 4 years after the last celebration
and it sure gives me a great memory and nice celebration of the year

I am a grown up for a few days saddens me since i am grown
bu still there is a lot of benefit geh....hiak hiak hiak!!
like no nid get stop by the stupid genting guard while enterin casino
but still a grwon up should have a grown up mind
i really miss those childish days but i had suffer much from those d
hope i can really be mature and grow up a man which i wanted to be
*yawn* its getting late now and need to stop right here
nice year this year...hope my happiness can be continuous n everlasting
thx to ainie which remind that i stil had a bloggie...hahaz

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