Monday, January 3, 2011

NewYear with great start!!~~!!

Finally done with my hectic study styles and back 2 vacation!!
A lot of fun during the last month in the year
we put on a surprise birthday party on Chris
It's good that we made his day and shown our sincerity
We all had a nice night after all the effort on it

Chrismas' Eve is what i should celebrate greatly at my age
but i am not a Christian and hate to stand snobbishly in crowds
with lots of unknowingly passionate fella's shouting all around
so i go through it with my family in our nice and cozy home
i bet it's kinda great to go over it with family
at least u wont need to spend an extra cent on meaningless stuff

New year's eve is different for me!! This year's eve is best 4 me
coz i get to meet back most of my schoolmates and clubmates!!~~!!
and they lead me getting to know some new frens too
we celebrate new year eve together at JayaOne in PJ
although it just an insignificant event but it means much for me
it's long time ago we can gather round and chat so freely
most of them are students abroad so we had less chances to meet
thx for the invitation and i had a great night there...
although the waitress are quite annoying and delaying food serving

The next day which is the first day of year 2011
we had a In-house party to celebrate See kee's birthday
fun in preparing the mixers and stuffs just to satisfied our guest
there is the first time i get drunk and puke in the toilet
the after kick of mixing all alcoholic is truly deadly
especially its all pure and a few mouthful of it is disastrous!!
just sorry for those who kept the mess after my act
this is really the first time i get to know my limit
the most surprising is that they even pre-celebrate my bday also
i was really happy for that!!XD
its been 4 years after the last celebration
and it sure gives me a great memory and nice celebration of the year

I am a grown up for a few days saddens me since i am grown
bu still there is a lot of benefit geh....hiak hiak hiak!!
like no nid get stop by the stupid genting guard while enterin casino
but still a grwon up should have a grown up mind
i really miss those childish days but i had suffer much from those d
hope i can really be mature and grow up a man which i wanted to be
*yawn* its getting late now and need to stop right here
nice year this year...hope my happiness can be continuous n everlasting
thx to ainie which remind that i stil had a bloggie...hahaz

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This month is just not my month man...
i screw my gpa's up and i was terminated by my school
i was alternately persuaded to withdraw from the course
but luckily at the last minute...i changed my mind
my family had a long discussion with me at Tenji's
and concluded that they will follow what i wished for
i am glad that i had such supportive member stands for me
It's my childish to take this course but in another way
i am gonna finish my childish act in a mature manner...
responsibility is what we take charge in our lives~~
gonna go through all those disturbing procedure
in order that i am a Utar's student once again

When u are in the deep hole...what impressed u is a rope
while i am depressed there are a few mates were there for me
this make me feels that i am not as unlucky as some others
they take me out at cinema...and FOC partial of the entrance fee
i got lots of friends...but mates i only have a few of them
i like the small numbers because they truly know who i am
and accept who i am...this makes me feel i am alive in here
thx know who u are and i dont need to name you on
and i finally get my license P....XD hey dont laugh at me leh
i test only by now because i dont need the license for studies
and it delayed me to take it ever since i started college life
but i finally get it 1 shot....hurray!!!XD

yesterday i came to know that my uncle had passed away
after a lengthen medication and hospitality in Teluk Intan
He was a kind man to me and a great godfather of my brother
i felt sorry for not attending his funeral since its Monday
but i felt furious about his son,my cousin who is snobbish
he's currently at sungai petani and that son of a *****
had convert himself into muslim in order to find peace
he said some deepshit stuffs like there's more malay than chinese
giving some fucked up holy crap to bullshit his soft-hearted mom
now i even wonder is he the one i knew all along the time
he even borrowing money from all his friends and relatives
even during his dad's funeral...i am fed up of it already
i dont have a cousin who doesnt even pay his respect to the dead
and the dead is his own beloved father who blossomed him with love
i never complained about conversion of religion affects anything
but it was his nature which truly disgusted me in all way...BYe!~!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Experienced in IMU's

All my minor test had finally settled down
But i am too tense to continue in my studies
its raya but i decided to chase back what i left
i miss my family and my room in hometown but i cant help it
thats why i try to find something to distress myself
and i ended up in IMU gang's potluck....XD

Its a fact that i am a little shy because i am the only outsider
and suddenly maybelle told me potluck cancelled and just dinner
actually i do feel a little happy since there wont be too much ppl
at first i heard is just 5-6 person and all of a sudden become 11
XD....omg~ luckily chris and yikai is there but kee loon missing~
but once i met maybelle's housemate(rachel & jennifer)i was relieved
they are super duper friendly~~and i love the environment there
they admit they are a bit '38' but i dont think so...
it's just cool for me because they are just A-Ok...=)
there is more friends that i met is great too~~
dexter and teo which i know is intelligent and kind~~
they even drove me for dinner another day~~thx ya~~
gwei theng is a book and bear lover and u-wen is funny too
christine is a princess i heard but its ok because she is lovely
overall~~y'all are the best strangers i met....XD really like y'all

they had gave me lots of experience such as cooking in the hall
using a heater to do things which i need a 'wok'
their kitchen had less equipment but more manpower...XD its fun!!
they had changed my point of view which girl is poorer in cooking
we had dinner on floor which newspaper carpeted the floor
all the utensils like spoon,fork and plates are from Chris's house
a total overall it is fun and exciting!~!thx guyz and gurlz~~XD
and i get to know that its christine birthday that day Happy birthday!!
dexter's was on yesterday and i wished him too~~

All this fun i can have thx to chris who spare me a space to lie
maybelle's invitation and yi kai's companion and teaching...
i can't made it without you guys...really thx you ya~~
love y'all~~!!~~


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


When i was chewing my notes with my parents called
i thought they wanna brag my studies again but not this time
they gave me a news that silenced me for quite a moment
grandma had just passed away...

even this moment...i dunno what i wanted to do or say
the only thing i can think about that she is gone forever...
i never can see her blissful smile that bring peace to my heart
i never can hold her hands and rub against hers
i never can take her to restaurants to have dinner with her
i never can chat with her although we suffer from some age gap
i never can caress her wrinkled face and give her a goodbye kiss
I never can hear she scolds me because i am naughty
thats too many to speak off but these are my memories
the most frustrated things i felt now is that because of my study
i hate myself for being so powerless and therefore i am speechless
today i will have test and quiz but i don't even can concentrate
i know she wouldn't want me become like that but i just CANT HELP IT
I hate myself that i cannot spend more time with her
because i had to move on in my studies and career with some distance

I din't come out with tears when i receive the news but when i typed this
my tears just kept circulating my eyeballs...i am blurred but still
i don't wanna let my tears out...i wanna tell her that i am strong~
i wanted to tell her that i wont cry because i don't want her worries
my heart is crumbling and my mind is falling apart but i know that
she is strong as a woman who brought up 10 kids with her own determination
i don't wanna fail her expectation on me that i will be as strong as she is

she is a sincere believer of Buddhism and i hope that she is relieved
when Buddha had came upon her to summon her to the World of Joyfulness
i thank god that gave my grandma a painless and blissful death
she was 90+ so we expect that moment to come but still it hurts when occur
she is a fierce Buddhist who would knock her head on the floor over 100 hit
just to blessed us with her chantings in front of the statue...
she is the greatest grandma that i had ever known...i loved her
Thanks for your kindness which i am being flooded with
Thanks for giving me a knowledge of love that i inherited from you
Thanks for passing down ur blissful smile to me...i will do great with it
and i will smile at you to assure that you lived continuously in my heart
If u can...pls visit me in my dreams to tell me u are happy now
I hope she is being great in another world with my grandpa
or even another live~~
That's my last wish for her.....Amitabah~~

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Drastic days and nights

My life had certainly 100% turnover d~~lol why huh??
i sleep in the morning at 6-7 and awake for classes at 8
den after all those classes i go home taking for a nap
until 8 something at night only wake up for my lunch-ner
well i did great savings in these days coz 1 day maybe just 1 meal
what the hack make me do all these silly stuffs??? EXaM!~!

exams keep piling over and i never even have time to celebrate my dad's bday
oh pops understand my situation but i still feel bad abt it
why ur course are having full test huh??most subjects had 3 test in a term
that means hell!!!its kinda hard to keep up to this
i am tired mentally and physically so i choose to play some MMORPG games
finally i have some time to relax but...i had addicted to it d
omgosh~~gonna need strength to pull this out

i am happy that there is someone there trying to revitalize me in relationship
and she is someone i hurt before....i felt bad for her truly
i don't want to repeat the same mistakes again as my past relationships
so i am sorry that i have to delay a bit since my life now is congested
i know u had some major exams coming so i rather u concentrate on those
i am tired now no matter what i do...its exam tomorrow at 8 and now
i am still bragging in front of the computer because i don't wanna touch those
thats the paper i repeat again and i am lack of determination~~
wednesday will be another test of my determination again...wanna be better this time
i dont wanna disappoints anyone anymore....definitely hate that!!

Quoted a phrase from my foundation maths teacher,
"Life is simple,but never easy,Maths either" after i take this course
i only understands the weight to bare~~well just can keep on going for now
and i wanna get my PTPTN money to invest in something....wahahahahaha
thats all its time for me to dig in my hellish notes again...Ja'mata~

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Apologizing to my bloggie

I'm sorry man...since the last blog i wrote, i chose to abandon u...
she really is nothing to me d luu~~i had gone through that
i can't imagine that it takes me almost half a year to recover
Well as those who said,"healed hurts will left a scar" and i agreed
but i can coop with it since i have lots of supporting friends here...XD

Friends huh???do u know that friendship and love are imaginary bonds?
although love is much more complicated but we are only facing one
friends can dragged along others...i am a silenced friend actually...:-)
Do u know what that mean??i will help silently if u're in trouble...
and i will still think u as a friend although u take me like some strangers
i won't bother what i am to u i wont bother anything to talk about....
true friends are just those who can stay quietly together without embarrassing
I know i am fierce in some way...XD but i am a fierce friend too~~hehe
I am a bit older in my group so i think like an old man...not a sin right??

Back to my life now....all i can say is just enjoying the battle of studies:-0
i had gone through 4 test in a row and some debate with some great fellas
the mid-term of my repeat subject is upcoming next...hope to be great
'Rushing" though my assignments with pleasure in RO...XD
a busy life is exciting but tiring...this course had torn my body badly
i am quite assured that my life had been halved at least....oh man~~
but this is life right??fighting,fighting,and fighting for the best i can do
i don't wanna disappoints my family and lost to some mere test papers
And i hate to fail in front of those people who diminish me especially close ones
i admit that i am a lazy fella but not an optimistic future,watch me!!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Penalty was won by me....fuck off

*poof*...did u ever appear in my life???
i dun see any trace or straps....
so i can define u r NEVER in my life
and u r NOBODY to what should i do?
or i shud say....WHY THE HELL SHOULD I CARE?
since it's a take down...then screw it...take it
opps...another mistake a gain coz u never can
because u R NOTHING!!!
fuck off from my life now and ever
heartache??dun ever dream of it
u are a damn fool that fooled me which means
i am just another fucking idiot...why???
because i fall for an idiotic trap...n no more...
tell ya a fact....u fell on my trap too damnit.!.
drastically i have no hard feelings now...phew~
since u r nothing for me...u dun deserve any from me
even any emotional...this time is the last and never
NEVER i shall pity on u again....bye and no bye~~